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       You look across the table at your prospective client and your million-
       dollar deal, embarrassingly realizing that the ravioli formagio is now
       dripping down the front of his shirt and tie. What do you do?
       a. Point - acknowledge you realize it with a strange look
       b. Keep quiet - say nothing
       c. Quickly and quietly motion to the waiter for seltzer water
       and offer it to your client with a smile.

During our fun filled challenging presentation, find out the answer to this question and many more etiquette power points. Your response to a difficult situation could be one that makes or breaks a deal. With these tried and true rules that deal with attitude, appearance, and attention, we will provide your company with the corporate image that will keep your employees head and shoulders above the rest.

Professional manners, have been proven to be one of the most cost effective ways to generate productivity and profitability for your company. Our program gives participants the learning tools they need to feel comfortable in business and social situations, thereby improving their corporate image and boosting their self-confidence in those awkward moments. These skills are taught with humor, audience participation, improvisations, songs and skits making it so much easier for the individual to remember what they have learned.

Workshops are suitable for both your management group and your office staff. Work books incorporating a number of enjoyable and informative tests and games, may be supplied at an additional charge.
There's an age old adage. "K.I.P.S" -"Keep It Polite Sweetie" which is one of the most powerful weapons one can have in their repertoire today. We impart the powerful manners and etiquette information to remind people, that even in this high-tech world of faxes, web sites, e-mail, and cell phone users, that a gracious and personal touch still builds lasting relationships.

Our programs can be offered in a variety of combinations:
       a. One hour - luncheon version
       b. Half day or full day
       c. Extended series of one week - various topics


Jo Ann Pflug
c/o Atlanta Models & Talent
Phone: 404-261-9643
For Film & TV or Theater:

Scott Stander & Associates

Phone: 818-905-7000

or via email at chewie@1st.net .

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